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Hertfordshire County Council - the 20mph story so far

Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) is responsible for setting the speed limits on your street. With our umbrella group 20sPlenty for Herts we have been campaigning for more enlightened approach: saner speeds for safer streets. Their approach is expensive, ineffective and fails to recognise that people want change. 

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Myths about 20mph limits/zones

You'll here lots of myths about why 20mph doesn't work, they're mainly be people who just don't want change.  


Click here to read why the myths are just that, - myths!

A wide-area 20mph zone in St Albans, what it might look like

We're working on what a proposal for a wide-area 20mph zones in St Albans District might look like. They're not ready yet but we'll let you know via twitter when we publish them. We'd love to hear what you think about.  Love it or hate it, please drop us a line.  But please keep it polite!

Click here to see ideas for St Albans

Want to read more about 20mph and why it's the right thing to do?

If you've got more questions about 20mph, visit the 20s Plenty for Herts site.  Click here.

And if you've got even more questions, visit the 20sPlentyforUs national site.  Click here.

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