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20's Plenty for St Albans District

20mph - A saner speed for safer streets

20mph Motion to St Albans District Council

COVID-19 has changed our travel habits - more of us are walking and cycling and we’re reaping the benefits of cleaner air and improved health and wellbeing. But we know that this won’t continue if we don’t feel safe on our roads once travel restrictions are lifted.

It’s time for 20mph to become the speed limit for all residential and central streets so that our roads feel safer and we can continue to reap the benefits of active travel and more sociable streets.

On Wednesday 24th February, St Albans and District Council (SADC) is debating and passed without opposition  a motion calling for:

  • the Leader of SADC  to request that Herts County Council (HCC) prioritise the establishment of wide area 20mph speed limits in the St Albans District; and

  • the Council to work with officers of HCC to draw up detailed plans on the scope, funding and implementation timetable of these schemes.


SADC supports this motion - this is the first step towards safer, cleaner and friendlier streets for everyone we can get St.Albans District.

You can view the motion below.


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