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Hertfordshire County Council

Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) is the Highways Authority for roads in Hertfordshire.  In July 2020, they issued a draft new Speed Management Strategy (SMS) for consultation.

The SMS is the framework that HCC uses when determining the speed limit on a section of road.

Herts County Council, Speed Management Strategy, draft for consultation, July 2020

The SMS is the framework that HCC uses to set the speed limits in Hertfordshire.  This draft was very disappointing.  It did nothing to enable town-wide 20mph areas and failed to help consolidate the shift towards cycling and walking that occurred as a result of lockdown.


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Our summary response to the SMS, September 2020

This is a summary of our response to the draft SMS.  We made clear that it was a missed opportunity and that 20mph was be best way to give residents their streets back.

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The briefing we sent to all Hertfordshire County Councillors, Nov. 2020

HCC's Highways and Environment Cabinet Panel met on November the 19th to discuss and recommend to Cabinet the post-consultation version of the SMS. During that meeting, the Panel also voted against motions that would make 20mph the default policy and make 20mph zones cheaper and easier to implement.  A backward step.

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Detailed information sent to all Hertfordshire County Councillors, Nov. 2020

HCC's Highways officials used a very partial interpretation of DfT 2013 guidance for setting speed limits.  this table sets out all the instances where HCC's interpretation of the guidance is inaccurate or misleading.

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YouTube recording of the HCC Cabinet Panel meeting, 19 Nov. 2020

This is the livestream of the meeting held on the 19th of November.  The 20mph fun starts straight away and lasts for about the first 90 minutes.

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HCC Speed Management, Final as approved, Dec 2020

This is the final approved SMS.  It does nothing to enable 20mph areas, in fact it makes them more expensive and difficult to implement.

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